Academic Communication in Health Professions Education

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Course Objectives:

By the end of this course learners should be able to :

  • Define terms relevant to medical education and reform.
  • Realize innovation and innovative approach in health reform.
  • Identify developmental needs for their organizations.
  • Define their own capacity with the reform process.
  • Write a proposal on an innovative idea.
  • Join a community of practice that promotes “what works principals” in health promotion and innovation.

Course structure

Three sessions:
  • Session 1 is a face to face session in Cairo composed of 4 days in October
  • Session 2 is a distant session for 4 months
  • Session 3 is a face to face session in March for 3 days
Total contact hours:
  • 56 hands on training hours over 7 contact days
  • 8 Distant planning hours (Innovation Project)
  • 10 Online Course work hours over 4 months
Educational Strategy:

Builds on learner prior experiences and capacities
Encourages experiential learning
Peer based learning
Circumstantial learning
Hidden aspect of the curriculum is a cornerstone


360 degree assessment based on associate fellow transformation in mind set
Project based assessment on quality of deliverables.

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